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Waste Oil Collection in Kent 

Welcome to Cash-4-Waste Oil, your premier waste oil collection and recycling solution serving restaurants, pubs, and bars in Kent and its neighboring regions. Explore our specialized services for the efficient collection and recycling of used oil, embodying a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to waste management in the hospitality industry.


Unlike other companies, we offer flexible options, providing both one-time and regular waste oil collection services. We understand the importance of handling waste oil, a hazardous material, with the utmost care to protect both people and the environment.

Proper disposal of hazardous waste is critical for the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment. Cash-4-Waste Oil is committed to ensuring that your waste oil is handled, stored, and disposed of in strict compliance with environmental regulations. We believe in shouldering the responsibility of proper disposal, safeguarding you from potential dangers associated with unprofessional practices or illegal dumping.

Choosing Cash-4-Waste Oil means choosing a company dedicated to your safety and environmental sustainability. Our waste oil collection services in Kent are just a call away.

Contact us at 0207 377 4221 or email us at to schedule your waste oil collection. Rest assured, we provide all the necessary hazardous waste paperwork, fully compliant with the Environmental Agency.

Make the responsible choice for waste oil management in Kent – choose Cash-4-Waste Oil, where professionalism meets environmental stewardship.

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